// Our specificities

An overview of our vision

Thanks to our experience, but also thanks to our customers, we have understood what the challenges are today.

This is why we have decided to adapt to your needs, and not the other way around.

Here are some of our specificities

Pas de Data Science sans Expert-Métier
No data science without a Business-Expert The idea that we can do AI without starting from a business expertise is a mistake for us. .

Our roadmap
Data sovereignty
We make every effort to ensure that the customer remains the owner of his data and all of what is produced with it.

Open Source Components
We do everything in our power to offer the most transparent solutions possible.

‘’On Premise’’ Deployment
Under certain conditions, we can deploy our solutions where the customer chooses, according to his interests.

Integration and use of your favorite tools
We take your situation as our starting point, respecting your previous choices and arbitrations, and we build solutions accordingly.

Has its own SDK
We offer the developer the best development conditions.

Client sovereignty

We put the client in a position where he’s able to explore all the solutions that might interest him.

Come discover !

Aikos is our exclusive product, that allows for unprecedented autonomy.

// Review

Review our method

Your needs

This is the first question to ask yourself. This is also the first question we are going to ask you.

Your expertise

You know what you want, now let’s discuss about business experts and their added value.

Our job

If your needs are clear, and your expertise is determined, it’s our turn to intervene. That’s who we are.