How does it work?


e know how important this step is in the development of an AI solution. Moreover, whatever the solution, whatever the problem, the preparatory work generally defines the good progress (or not) of a project. It allows us to understand your environment, your needs, your level of knowledge…but above all, it allows you to meet us, and to understand who we are.

This is why we usually start with a meeting to sensitize you, or your team. We then will try to explain how the transformations that we plan to apply will anchor in your work. Between workshops, mapping and coaching, you will understand how things will change. And thingswill change. This training stage is essential for you to have a clearer vision of the project, but also for us to prepare your team(s) for the new tools and processes.

Finally, we will have to find out how to deploy the data capabilities at your location. This step is crucial in order to streamline the missions that will follow. The clearer a picture we have of how to do it (and you too), the more efficient and faster the rest will be.

“The preparatory work is arguably the most important step in a successful collaboration.”
– Hadj khelil, CEO Big mama