// The heart of the project

Your needs at the center of our business.

We have enough experience to know how important it is to actually understand your needs. It is the basis of any project.

However, the heart of the project lies in your experience. The business-experts are at the origin of the value creation that we will bring to you.

Countries around the World.

Data Science is a universal language,you can trust us.

Developed models

Whatever your field, we will be able to adapt and analyze your needs.

// What we offer

Your partner for your AI upgrades.

We understand that data science as such does not create value, and that conveying this information is incompetence, at best.

We observe that the creation of value (the efficiency, and not the performance, of the algorithms to be predicted) occurs through the articulation of business expertise and data science.

The objective becomes to produce tools capable of encoding business expertise and combining this expertise with data science models.

Our business is no longer data science but the ability to capture expertise (willingly outsourcable to a consulting firm) and to multiply its strength with data science.

// To continue

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Your Needs

This is the first question to askyourself. This is also the first question we are going to ask you.

Our job

If your needs are clear, and your expertise is determined, it’s our turn to intervene. That’s who we are.

Our specificities

We have experience and we know what you are looking for. Discover our specificities.