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// Our operating process

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For your enhancement.

At Big Mama, we have enough experience to understand the importance of our needs. We will listen to you, we will understand and we will do our best to help you.


Big Mama is more than 7 years old with a combined century of experience.

Continuous support

We understand the importance of being by your side in any situation.

// Attention

For the more curious,
here is a brief introduction to the ancestor of our exclusive tool.

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// Why us

A simple concept,
and effective

Determine the outlines, objectives and means.

Take action.

Here, the idea is to create performance over time.

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Countries over the World.

Between Europe, the Maghreb and North America, we are present over a large part of the Globe.

Developed models.

Regardless of the size of the business, we have completed more than 50 projects since Big Mama’s inception.

// Production Pipreline

Exclusive specificities,
For an adapted Workflow.


Collection (scrapping, etc.), Structuring, Cleaning, Preparation (optimal formatting for the use by models) of data.


Use of tools allowing the orchestration, deployment and scaling of developed AI solutions.

Model development

Around fifty AI solutions developed in more than fifteen sectors using state of the art technologies.

Model tracking

Mobilization of mechanisms to ensure the long-term operation of models in production.

Parameter tracking

Mobilization of state-of-the-art tools to provide the developer with maximum ergonomics.


Use of reference tools to materialize the value produced by models.

// Our clients

What our clients are saying..

Net Affiliation
François Bieber, PDG
"Algorithms predict efficiently"
Anthony Catel, Responsable RetD
"Algorithms predictions are fast. And good. "
Crédit Mutuel ARKEA
R. K.
"We are pleased with our collaboration on a human level and we hope to be able to once again work with BIG Mama in the future."
A.Q. M.
"BIG Mama knows how to put the Human at the center of its development mechanism and to increase this development with promising Machine Learning tools"
Right Management / Manpower
R. R.
"BIG Mama has been a great source of advices to offer innovative, realistic solutions at the state of the art of AI."
"BIG Mama not only enabled Kwanko to optimize RTB campaigns and maximize their revenue, but also provided an algorithm to predict clicks."
V. G.
"Their skills in AI and their ability to link technological watch with our specific issues have enabled the concept to be validated and lead to encouraging results which encouraged us to continue the process."
// We are listening to you

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