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Really, what is Big Mama?

Our job is to statistical learning. Basically, we take matrices, we ‘’binarize’’.

We define a loss function.
We look for a function that minimizes the loss function, we arbitrate convexification modalities, and we choose optimization methods (gradient descent, stochastic ot not, et.)…
As this (complicated) approach is not very “democratic”, I suggest the following richer (and more complex)(pedagogical-metaphorical) variation:

Our job is basically the same as hunting UFOs… The universe is huge. We all have the judicious intuition that many things are hidden… far… very far. Our limit is just technical: too far to visit our neighbors… Suddenly the most specialized astrophysicist find themselves discussing (seriously) with intergalactic conspiracyists… MIB against the Fields medal, we know that…



Our advantage is that algorithms coupled with tools like Spark (software for parallelizing calculations) have recently made navigation possible on “our” Milky Way… We (our elders) have found “passages” through wormholes allowing our sidereal exploration.

A bit like Stargate… We cross the universe to gather information… For us, it’s no coincidence that this is all handled by Mac Gyver (if you can understand).

The challenge of Big Data is therefore as technical as ethical: Don’t give up on this conquest (and the extraordinary leap that it implies) and resist in order to avoid the invasion (aliens, of course).

Big Mama is: Growing up, measuring, innovating, imagining, surprising, making this world richer, making this world better. Everywhere… Isn’t that the definition of being a Human Being?

For those who have not yet understood, let’s say that we are the 7 mercenaries (understand here an elite unit with heterogeneous virtues), or the 12 bastards (? maybe): we bring together the best (basically) and we put them at the service of the desperate recue of a contested humanity…

The next step is a drawing (not sure it’s easier).

Admit it, it’s clearer.

Yul Brynner (aka HK), at your service

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